Frequently Asked Questions...

​Will the WR250R Racks bolt on to a WR250F or WR450?​

​No, the WR250R models are very different from the off road only F models, the street oriented R model has a sturdy subframe that extends all the way to the rear under the fender and provides the necessary support for the luggage rack to be mounted. F models like MX bikes terminate the subframe shortly after the seat with nothing to attach the rack to.

​Will the DRZ400S and SM rack fit the DRZ400 or 400E models?

​No, while the bikes are very similar, they do have different subframes which are lacking the support locations the street legal models have.

​Can I re-use my grab handles on my DR650 after mounting your rack? Or is the rack sturdy enough to use to move the bike around?

​Yes, it is possible to mount the grab handles with longer bolts and a different combination of spacers, but the rack kit was designed to replace them, leaving them out. The rack is more than strong enough to pull the bike out of mud, pick it up after a spill or scoot it around when positioning it in the garage.

​Can I buy a rack from you that is not anodized black?

​I usually do not keep bare aluminum racks in stock, I prefer not to sell them this way since bare aluminum is not ideal, and will not look great after years of use and exposure to the elements.

However, if you insist on having one not anodized or want to powder coat or anodize a custom color yourself, we can work with you on that.

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